Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Amazing Linder!!!

As in my last post I mentioned that my illustrations were slightly influenced by the work of Linder and that I adore her work, I thought I should post a few images of this amazing work! I love how she often combines food with beauty - as I do sometimes in my work, see especially my Collage Hats series - and how there is often something grotesque about the end result.

All images are found on Google and I have no rights over them

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Elizabeth Taylor illustration for Amelia's Magazine!

This is my latest illustration commisioned by Amelia's Magazine for a tribute to Dame Elizabeth Taylor - who sadly passed away on the 23rd of March this year...It is obviously slightly influenced by the wonderful Linder, whose work I admire very much!

Liz Taylor © 2011 Slowly the Eggs, read Matt Bramford's tribute here

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Collage fun! in the Elephant Magazine

I cam across Elephant Magazine recently and look what I found inside!: a gorgeous article on 'The Art of Collage' featuring many many wonderful collage artists - like Cless, James Gallagher, Brett Ryder, Lou Beach, Liam Crockard, Joseba Elorza, Eva Lake, Sam Lubicz, Clara Mata, Jacob Whibley, Silja Goetz, Simon Cook, Valero Doval, Julien Pacaud, Brion Nuda Rosch - many of whom I did not know and was so happy to discover. Below are a few peaks from the article:

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Bloggers for Japan Sale / Silent Auction

There has been quite a lot of effort after the devastating events in Japan by various people to set up sales, auctions, events, etsy shops etc. in order to try and help...I really hope these efforts continue and contribute little by little to Japan's journey to recovery. One of these sales/silent auction is organised by Katie Antoniou at The Horatia pub this Saturday, 26th of March at 1.00p.m. Katie, being a stylist, knows a lot of people that can donate gorgeous things, so this should be a sale not to be missed! Read her post on her blog about the event to see some of the highlights that are going to be available on the day! Below are 4 Slowly The Eggs card designs I donated to the event and should be good for Mother's Day!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Amelia's Magazine London Fashion Week AW11 illustrations!

It has been a great pleasure - and fun - recently to produce a number of illustrations - below - commissioned by Amelia's Magazine for some of the very interesting reviews Amelia Gregory and her contributors have written for London Fashion Week AW11. Amelia's Magazine has been covering London Fashion Week for some time now, and one can always find there amazing photos and illustrations of some very interesting fashion design indeed! Do go and have a look under the Fashion section of the magazine! Furthermore it is very important to stress here the very well known fact by many by now that Amelia has a wonderful approach to supporting fashion illustration and illustration in general, so many thanks to her and her team - including Matt Bramford, Naomi Law, Georgia Takacs, Nick Bain, Katie Antoniou and many many others! Her latest book Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration is a little beauty to behold..

Paul Costelloe AW11 © 2011 Slowly The Eggs, read Matt's review here

Paul Costelloe AW11 © 2011 Slowly The Eggs, read Matt's review here

Sara Bro Jorgensen AW11 © 2011 Slowly the Eggs, read Florence Massey's here

Sara Bro Jorgensen AW11 © 2011 Slowly the Eggs, read Amelia's review here

Olivia Rubin AW11 © 2011  Slowly the Eggs, read Matt's review here

Masha Ma AW11 © 2011 Slowly the Eggs, read Naomi Law's review here

Masha Ma AW11 © 2011 Slowly the Eggs, read Naomi Law's review here

Jasper Garvida AW11 © 2011 Slowly the Eggs, read Amelia's review here

KTZ AW11 © 2011 Slowly the Eggs, read Amelia's review here

Christopher Beales AW11 © 2011 Slowly the Eggs, read Amelia's review here

Alice Palmer AW11 © 2011 Slowly the Eggs, read Amelia's review here

front row personality and superb designer Fred Butler © 2011 Slowly the Eggs, read Katie Antoniou's article here

Christopher Shannon AW11 © 2011 Slowly the Eggs, read Matt's review here

DAKS AW11 © 2011 Slowly the Eggs, read Nick Bain's review here

DAKS AW11 © 2011 Slowly the Eggs, read Nick Bain's review here
Mr Start AW11 © 2011 Slowly The Eggs, read Nick Bain's review here

Illustration Rally Japan Tsunami Appeal!


Ganbare Nippon: Japan Tsunami Appeal

Illustration Rally launched the Ganbare Nippon appeal on the 13th of March 2011 in response to the horrific events in Japan on the 11th. This is an overview of the appeal and how you can get involved and support us in supporting Japan. We say "Don't give up Japan" and we will show you the strength and hope in our community.

We have the following events

Ganbare Nippon: Open submission for Japan Tsunami Appeal

This event is for our wonderful community to express the sentiments of hope and support that will help the people of Japan keep staying so strong and for us to let them know that the world is thinking of you and we will never let you fall. This submission is purely digital will not be sold or made into products and as always we will never ask for the copyright to your work. The submission guidelines for this event are found underneath the header article here, and you can see all the artwork submitted so far at: Ganbare Nippon

Ganbare Nippon: Artwork donation
We are also asking for artwork donations to sell to raise money for the relief effort. We would love any physical pieces at all, from cards and prints to full on characters and 3d! Anything you are willing to give we are happy to accept and all the profits made would go straight to the appeal. So if you want to take part or you have any questions please contact us at artwork-illustrationrally[at] and we will send you further information about where to send your work.

Ganbare Nippon: Rally For Japan
We will be announcing a special rally for those artists with close ties to Japan and us at IR so keep your eyes peeled for info on our Rally For Japan. We are also planning to produce some unique and special products from this to raise money and it will be a great opportunity to grab some memorable pieces for a truly worthy cause.

Our Supporters:
Creative Boom
Amazing free service, zine and community for creatives.
Digital Artist
Covering every style of digital art with tutorials and resources aplenty.
Frances McKay Illustration
The sweetest illustration blog.
Beautifying our lives in the heart of every home, the kitchen!

Link banners:
Here are some little pictures that you can use as banners or icons to link to our appeal. You can also feel free to reblog this page as well!

Ganbare Nippon: Japan Tsunami Appeal on JustGiving
We have also set up our own appeal page on just giving in support of the people on the ground providing relief and taking part in the tragic and painstaking recovery operations. The Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund disperses money to the International Medical Corps, Save the Children and other organizations. If you like what we are doing please show your support from here.

All the links to the Japan tsunami charities