Saturday, 6 August 2011

Vintage Weekend Mad Hatting

So there was the Vintage Weekend at the Southbank Centre last weekend and I was there too with a stall selling both Plastic Seconds and Slowly the Eggs cards - which am happy to say were very popular! By now it must be obvious I loooooooooooooove hats and headpieces and there was a LOT of that during the weekend, but unfortunately because of my selling duties I could not go around snapping them all.....:-( Here is a photo of a girl with a great 2 headed ducklings headpiece and two photos of Miss Ballooniverse's creations! - I was so happy to meet her accidentally on the last day, she is a unique balloon artist and she seems amazing! Not much eye candy, but better than nothing!

The girl with the best headpiece ever!

Miss Ballooniverse with one of her creations!

Me with a Miss Ballooniverse headpiece she gifted to me