Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Underground Movement

This is a really cool project I saw and have wanted to share for sometime now! It was devised and executed by Victor Milton van Doorn and Alina Dheere Babaletsos (website on coming soon!), who have a performance background. This is what Alina said about the experiment: "We had many ideas for the tube but we 'sticked' to the stickers idea as we had time restrictions and we were kind of short of people the days when Vic was in London. Anyway, we thought of things to say and then used the same typeface as the official ones you see on the tube, and then we printed them . We then made a plan to stick them on the PicadillyLline, we were just the two of us, so we wanted to focus on one line".
I really like work that plays with words and displacing things into unexpected contexts - or slightly and humorously altering what is familiar and ignored - , so I think this is a really clever, fun experiment and I hope it will be taken further!

All images @ Victor Milton van Doorn and Alina Dheere Babaletsos

Saturday, 3 September 2011

'Half Japanese' and 'The Lovely Eggs' illustrated review

I am posting this sooooo late, but here is some illustrations for an illustrated review I did for Amelia's Magazine of a gig where the band 'Half Japanese' were playing supported by 'Let's Wrestle' and 'The Lovely Eggs'. Amelia Gregory from Amelia's Magazine thought it was quite fitting for an illustrator with 'Slowly the Eggs' as their aka name to do the review which was in very good humour I thought...I also think the idea of illustrated reviews of gigs is a very interesting one! You can read the review here.

'The Lovely Eggs' @2011 Maria Papadimitriou aka Slowly The Eggs

'The Lovely Eggs' @2011 Maria Papadimitriou aka Slowly The Eggs

'Cherry P-eye' @2011 Maria Papadimitriou aka Slowly The Eggs

'Fire in her Eyes' @2011 Maria Papadimitriou aka Slowly The Eggs

'Red Dress' @2011 Maria Papadimitriou aka Slowly The Eggs

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Vintage Weekend Mad Hatting

So there was the Vintage Weekend at the Southbank Centre last weekend and I was there too with a stall selling both Plastic Seconds and Slowly the Eggs cards - which am happy to say were very popular! By now it must be obvious I loooooooooooooove hats and headpieces and there was a LOT of that during the weekend, but unfortunately because of my selling duties I could not go around snapping them all.....:-( Here is a photo of a girl with a great 2 headed ducklings headpiece and two photos of Miss Ballooniverse's creations! - I was so happy to meet her accidentally on the last day, she is a unique balloon artist and she seems amazing! Not much eye candy, but better than nothing!

The girl with the best headpiece ever!

Miss Ballooniverse with one of her creations!

Me with a Miss Ballooniverse headpiece she gifted to me

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Last event on the Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration (ACOFI) tour at the Tatty Devine shop Brick Lane!

This took me some time to post, but at the beginning of June I attended for a second time an event in the Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration tour - the first event was at the Tatty Devine shop in Covent Garden and you can read what I wrote about it here! This time the hosts were also the fabulous Tatty Devine team - but this time they greeted us in their Brick Lane shop.

I really wanted to post something about the evening again because I wanted to say how lovely it was to meet some more illustrators and contributors for Amelia's Magazine and become aware of their work - Amelia has a very charismatic, human, genuine way of introducing people to each other, my impression being that she really enjoys new collaborations forming and new projects being born, and she has helped a lot of her contributors in that direction. Also during the evening the Biscuiteers (an amazing bespoke biscuits company!) were decorating and offering their gorgeously colourful and fun biscuits - and teaching us their skills - and wanted to share some of the resulting rainbow colour biscuit blast!

The Tatty Devine Brick Lane shop looked fantastic with larger versions of their necklace designs hanging from the ceiling!....

...and during the evening I had the pleasure to meet Gareth A Hopkins - I looked through his portofolio and took some images of his work. He very kindly gave me a copy of his really interesting comic/zine 'The Intercorstal: Valentine' (third pic down).

Love the stickers collage from 'The Intercorstal'
It was also lovely to meet Alia Gargum, who is both an illustrator and prop / visual merchandising designer (looking forward to doing some work with her!), Emma Block, who is a very prolific illustrator already and has only just graduated,  Lou Cloud, who is an illustrator and enjoyed very much talking to her for a long time, Soni Speight and Kristina Vasiljeva, also lovely illustrators, and Helena Maratheftis, who is both an illustrator and photographer and recently made these amazing turtles from discarded plastic for the Project Ocean at Selfridges!

photo taken from
And also I met illustrator Hannah Simpson who also makes gorgeous hats - and I have a huge soft spot for hats!
photo taken from
It was so lovely to get my hands onto Amelia's Magazine Issue 7, which I did not have and look through its pages again and notice a beautiful prop hat made by the ever amazing Fred Butler! You can buy more Amelia's Magazine back issues here, and the Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration here.

prop hat by Fred Butler from Amelia's Magazine Issue 7
Thanks to everyone!

Illustration for Amelia's Magazine Polish Fashion Week: Berenika Czarnota A/W 2011

This May Amelia Gregory from Amelia's Magazine was invited to Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland and came back with a lot of material to write about - check out all her related reviews under the fashion section in the magazine. This is a collage I did for the review of Berenika Czarnota's A/W 2011 collection - it took me some time to post.....

Berenika Czarnota A/W 2011 by Maria Papadimitriou aka Slowly The Eggs

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

'Boat to Row' illustration for Amelia's Magazine

This is the latest illustration I did for Amelia's Magazine - it is for a review of the lovely band 'Boat to Row'. I was not aware of this band and I am so glad I now know them as they are fantastic - this is one of the best bits of doing commisssioned illustration pieces; you discover new things all the time! Their singe 'Autumn Glow' is awsome, go and buy it! Also read Amelia's great review here.

© 2011 Maria Papadimitriou aka Slowly the Eggs

Monday, 2 May 2011

'Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration' Tour

Amelia Gregory of 'Amelia's Magazine' recently published her second book 'Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration' - featuring ethical fashion designers and up and coming young fashion illustrators - for which she started yesterday a promotional tour at some cool galleries around the UK. The event - which I attended - took place at the Tatty Devine shop in Covent Garden and was really warm and fun.
So I thought it would be nice at the start of the tour to post here some of my favourite pages from the book! You can read more about the book and the tour details here, you can buy the book here and you can see my photos from the opening night here!

Minna S/S 2011 by Antonia Parker

Various designers illustrated by Michelle Urvall Nyren

Vintage at Goodwood 2010 illustrated by Erica Sharp

Zara Gorman MA Graduate Collection illustrated by Gemma Milly

Lu Flux A/W 2009 and S/S 2010 illustrated by Natsuki Otani

Bora Aksu A/W 2010 illustrated by Zarina Liew