Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Underground Movement

This is a really cool project I saw and have wanted to share for sometime now! It was devised and executed by Victor Milton van Doorn and Alina Dheere Babaletsos (website on coming soon!), who have a performance background. This is what Alina said about the experiment: "We had many ideas for the tube but we 'sticked' to the stickers idea as we had time restrictions and we were kind of short of people the days when Vic was in London. Anyway, we thought of things to say and then used the same typeface as the official ones you see on the tube, and then we printed them . We then made a plan to stick them on the PicadillyLline, we were just the two of us, so we wanted to focus on one line".
I really like work that plays with words and displacing things into unexpected contexts - or slightly and humorously altering what is familiar and ignored - , so I think this is a really clever, fun experiment and I hope it will be taken further!

All images @ Victor Milton van Doorn and Alina Dheere Babaletsos

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