Friday, 20 January 2012

Francois and The Atlas Mountains for Amelia's Magazine

I have been extremely bad at blogging in the last few months... So here I am adding some illustrations I did whithin this period and pledge in 2012 to become a better blogger... Last September I did an illustration of Francois and The Atlas Mountains, who supported King Creosote and Jon Hopkins during a gig in the Queen Elizabeth Hall, for a review of the evening in Amelia's Magazine - I was actually at the ticket desk doing my part time job that evening and it was a lovely surpirse to see Amelia! I do not often do pencil drawings, though I love it, and here I think the contrast between the pencil and the collage is creating a nice effect. You can read Amelia's review of the gig here.

© 2011 'Francois and The Atlas Mountains' by Maria Papadimitriou aka Slowly The Eggs

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