Thursday, 3 February 2011

Dinner in the Sky

I like connections between things and when I heard about Dinner in the Sky, which is quite a restaurant experience I imagine, I was reminded of a passage that had stuck in my head since reading it from Jeanette Winterson's lovely book 'Sexing the Cherry'. It goes like this:
'...The Family who lived in the house were dedicated to a strange custom. Not one of them would allow their feet to touch the floor. Open the doors off the hall and you will see, not floors but bottomless pits. The furniture of the house is suspended on racks from the ceiling; the dining table supported by great chains, each link six inches thick. To dine here is a great curiosity, for the visitor must seat in a gilded chair and allow himself to be winched up to join his place setting. He comes last, the householders already seated and making merry, swinging their feet over the abyss where crocodiles live. Everyone who dines has a multiplicity of glasses and cutlery lest some should be dropped accidentally. Whatever food is left over at the end of the meal is scraped into the pit, from whence a fearful crunching can be heard'.

Both images not mine but found on google

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